February 3 – 13, 2000

The American Cinematheque presents...Technicolor Dreams: THE MARVELOUS AGE OF I.B. TECHNICOLOR AT THE MOVIES
Co-Presented with SabuCat Productions.

Sponsored by Technicolor Worldwide Film Group.

Series Compiled by Jeff Joseph and Dennis Bartok. Program Assistance by Chris D. and Gwen Deglise.

Special Thanks to: Robert Gladden; Linda Evans-Smith and Dick May/WARNER BROS. CLASSICS; Mike Schlesinger/COLUMBIA PICTURES REPERTORY; John Kirk/MGM-UA; Rick Griffith and Marc Bovee/20th CENTURY FOX; Cathye Clark and Diana McKinney/PARAMOUNT PICTURES; Ed Zeier/UNIVERSAL PICTURES; Martin Scorsese and Mark McElhatten/CAPPA PRODUCTIONS; Ray Regis/UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA; Ron Jarvis and Maggie MacConnell/TECHNICOLOR; Bill Hogan; Marvin Paige.






Almost a novelty when it was introduced to film in the early 1920’s, Technicolor reached its zenith in the 1940’s and 50’s, when classics like BEN HUR, THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON, THE JUNGLE BOOK and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS were released using the brilliant, deeply-saturated hues ofrobinhood.GIF (34119 bytes) dye-transfer Technicolor. I.B. (or "imbibition") Technicolor prints are becoming increasingly scarce treasures since Technicolor stopped U.S. production of them in 1974 (they recently revived the process for the re-release of GONE WITH THE WIND and other films.) This series -- organized with SabuCat Productions -- includes a dazzling array of features, shorts, trailers and promotional materials, all in stunning I.B. Technicolor Prints - !!

Thursday, February 3 - 7:00 PM

Charlton Heston and Martha Scott In-Person!!

BEN HUR, 1959, MGM (Warners), 212 min. Dir. William Wyler. Technicolor was made for epics like this: boyhood comrades Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd grow up to be fierce enemies in the time of Christ. The grueling chariot race is worth the price of admission alone. Winner of 11 Oscars including Best Picture. Originally premiered at the Egyptian! Discussion following with actors Charlton Heston and Martha Scott.

Friday, February 4 - 7:00 PM

Double Feaure – Andre de Toth In-Person!!

THE JUNGLE BOOK, 1942, MGM/UA, 109 min. Dir Zoltan Korda. A banquet of gorgeous exotica with Sabu as the boy raised by wolves in arguably the best version of Rudyard Kipling's classic. The massive ruined temple in the forest, strewn with jade, rubies and poisonous snakes, was an obvious inspiration for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Don’t miss this stunning, once-in-a-lifetime IB Technicolor print of the film.

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (aka A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH), 1946, Columbia, 104 min. Dir. Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger One of the all-time great fantasy films with WW2 pilot David Niven pleading his case in Heaven, claiming he was not meant to die and should be allowed to return to lovely Kim Hunter on earth. Although the film was recently and lovingly restored, NOTHING compares to the fabulous, radiant colors of this original British Technicolor print – never before seen in the U.S.!!

We’re very pleased that acclaimed filmmaker Andre de Toth (HOUSE OF WAX, PLAY DIRTY), who served as 2nd Unit Director on THE JUNGLE BOOK, will join us to discuss this classic film.

Saturday, February 5 - 5:00 PM

Nitrate Technicolor Horror – Actress Susanna Foster In-Person!!

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA , 1943, Universal, 92 min. Dir. Arthur Lubin Eerily unique, strange hybrid resulting from the unholy marriage of the Universal horror cycle with the Nelson Eddy operetta genre. The ever-mesmerizing Claude Rains is tragic Erik the Phantom, and Susanna Foster the beautiful soprano he worships. Don’t miss the Phantom in this unique nitrate Technicolor print!Susanna Foster standing and signing audience autograph horizontal 02052000.jpg (153450 bytes)

Susanna Foster signs autographs for her fans at the Egyptian after PHANTOM OF THE OPERA screening. Photo: James Beck.


COBRA WOMAN, 1944, Universal, 70 min. Dir. Robert Siodmak. The mid-40s Universal kitsch quotient spills over-the-top in this gonzo saga of island maiden Maria Montez slugging it out with her newly-discovered evil twin sister!! With Jon Hall, Lon Chaney, Jr. and Sabu. Another nitrate Technicolor gem from the vaults.

Discussion following with actress Susanna Foster (PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) schedule permitting.

Saturday, February 5 - 8:30 PM

Ultra-Rare Technicolor Nitrate Double-Feature!!

THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, 1938, Warner Bros., 102 min. Dir. Michael Curtiz & William Keighley. Comparable to opening a gilded storybook in what is commonly acknowledged as one of the most beautiful, spectacular early Technicolor films. Swashbuckling Errol Flynn ("Welcome to Sherwood-!!") rescues lovely Olivia de Havilland from the evil clutches of Claude Rains and Basil Rathbone in a rousing adventure for the ages – shown here in an original nitrate print.

FOUR FEATHERS, 1939, MGM/UA, 115 min. Dir. Zoltan Korda. Another splendid Orientalist escapade from the director of JUNGLE BOOK: John Clements and Ralph Richardson star as British officers battling the Sudanese to prove their mettle, in this landmark example of early Technicolor photography – presented here in a dazzling 35 mm. nitrate print!

Sunday, February 6 - 5:00 PM

Technicolor Action Double-Header – J. Lee Thompson and John Agar In-Person!!

THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, 1961, Columbia, 157 min. Dir. J. Lee Thompson. Gregory Peck leads David Niven, Anthony Quinn, and Stanley Baker on a perilous mission to destroy an enormous Nazi gun battery on the Greek coast in what is, after EL CID, one of the most intelligent and human of action-packed spectaculars.

SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON, 1949, RKO (Warner Classics), 103 min. Dir. John Ford. The second, most elegaic -- and only color -- installment of Ford's bravura cavalry trilogy that includes FORT APACHE and RIO GRANDE. John Wayne is the officer reluctant to retire in the face of impending hostilities. With Joanne Dru, John Agar, Ben Johnson and Victor McLaglen.

Discussion between films with director J. Lee Thompson (GUNS OF NAVARONE) and actor John Agar (SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON.

Wednesday, February 9 – 8:00 PM

Seminar on Dye-Transfer Technicolor

This in-depth seminar will look at the rare beauty and mystery – and technical achievements – of dye-transfer Technicolor, from its origins in the 1920’s up to the present, illustrated with rare clips and discussion – including a long-lost 1952 industrial trailer advertising the Technicolor process!

Friday, February 11 - 7:00 PM

Minnelli Musical Bonanza – Double-Feature!!

GIGI, 1958, MGM (Warners), 119 min. Dir. Vincente Minnelli Absolutely delightful, spirited musical adaptation of Colette's novel about a sweet young girl (Leslie Caron) trained by her aunt for the world's oldest profession in turn-of-the-century Paris. Winner of 9 Oscars including Best Picture. With Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan. Never before seen in the U.S. in IB Technicolor!!

THE BAND WAGON, 1953, MGM (Warners), 112 min. Dir. Vincente Minnelli. Brilliant backstage musical from the pen of Comden and Green (including "That’s Entertainment" and "Dancing In The Dark"), starring Fred Astaire as a washed-up dancer who joins forces with megolomaniac producer Jack Buchanan (a true delight) and gal-pal Nanette Fabray. Arguably the most modern and inventive of the great MGM musicals – climaxing in the simply mindblowing "Girl Chase" ballet between Astaire and vamp Cyd Charisse - !

Saturday, February 12 - 5:30 PM

Actors Gene Barry, Ann Robinson and Robert Cornthwaite In-Person!!

WAR OF THE WORLDS, 1953, Paramount, 85 min. Dir. Byron Haskin. Gene Barry and Ann Robinson battle the invading Martian war machines in this still amazingly visceral, comic book-style feast of apocalyptic images. Don’t miss the flaming reds and supernatural greens of this original Technicolor print of producer George Pal’s sci-fi classic! Discussion following with actors Gene Barry, Ann Robinson and Robert Cornthwaite (schedule permitting). For a coverage of this event click here.

Saturday, February 12 - 8:00 PM

Douglas Sirk & Stanley Donen Double-Feature!!

CHARADE, 1963, Universal, 114 min. Dir. Stanley Donen. Suave, sinister entertainment as mystery man Cary Grant disguises his real motives, while he helps Audrey Hepburn locate her dead husband’s hidden trove of WW2 loot in Paris. Along the way, they run across murderous crooks James Coburn, George Kennedy and Ned Glass, along with dubious CIA agent Walter Matthau, in Donen’s delightful Pop-Art thriller – a 60’s treat in eye-popping IB Technicolor!

4-Track Mag Stereo Print!!

THE SIGN OF THE PAGAN, 1954, Universal, 92 min. Jack Palance is positively anarchic in a role he was born to play: Attila the Hun! Jeff Chandler is the (comparatively) civilized Roman charged with repulsing the barbarian horde, in director Douglas Sirk’s rarely-seen CinemaScope epic, dripping with slave-girls, velvet robes and Hollywood bloodlust – all in IB Technicolor glory.

Sunday, February 13 - 5:00 PM

Technicolor Musical Spectacular!!

THE KING AND I, 1956, 20th Century Fox, 133 min. Dir. Walter Lang. Deborah Kerr is truly luminescent as the British schoolmarm given the task of tutoring Siamese king Yul Brynner's many children, in this stunning Rodgers and Hammerstein musical –

THE GANG'S ALL HERE, 1943, 20th Century Fox, 103 min. Busby Berkeley does Technicolor – as the late, great Alice Faye, Benny Goodman, Edward Everett Horton and others wind their way through a jawdropping series of surreal set-pieces. Carmen Miranda outdoes them all as the Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat, shaking and shimmying her way into Technicolor nirvana …